The unholy nexus

There exist many unconstitutional, unethical and ‘unholy’ relations between different elements in the society whose sole purpose is exploitation. What is disturbing is that this cartel has become so strong that new entrants into any system have no choice but to join this unholy nexus.

I am speaking of the nexus that exists between politicians, police and mafia; the nexus that exists between contractors and the government; the nexus that exists between industrialists and the government; the nexus that exists between the ‘underworld’ and bollywood, and many more. Read government as politicians and the bureacrats. Corporate houses have a more decent term called ‘lobbying’ for creating such nexus.

Strong will and courage are required of the incumbent of any office to fight against such nexus. One such strong ‘lady’ that the nation saw was the country’s first woman Indian Police Services officer Kiran Bedi. She tried her best to be change the system from within. She is attributed to many successes and was acknowledged worldwide. She continues to fight the evil even today but by being outside the system; a system which does not allow honest and sincere people to thrive. Unfortunately, we do not have enough of Kiran Bedis to change this world. We can only hope that there will be at least a few handful people in this billion plus population who will dare to fight against the evil and give a tough time to the exploiters.


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