The art of obscuring details

Most of the fields seem to hate simplicity a lot. A paper in which you make most of the concepts easy to understand has a greater probability of being rejected 🙂 A lot of cozy equations adds value to whatever knowledge you create. These are the wrong perceptions plaguing the field of academics and research today.

Physical interpretation is the key idea. Even Fourier and Laplace invented certain tools to solve a problem. These applications and the way these great men tried to solve the problems which were largely problems of the physical world has taken a setback in the pedagogy that is imparted through out the world today. I agree that there is no need to reinvent the wheel but understanding a tool is very important before we use that tool. This is exactly the reason why only few people who have this curiosity of understanding are the ones who become great scientists or engineers, etc.

The problems in Indian education system are also compounded by the fact that many of the things that we study and use are not indigenous but have their roots in the west. These have been obscured over a period by ‘great’ academicians and what is left is a practice of memorizing equations, plugging values and finding a solution. These solutions are then rewarded with marks and certificates. You ask a mathematician ‘What is a complex number? – No answer or a clever answer which does not answer your question will follow. Similar is the response when you ask an electronics engineer ‘What is a fourier transform?’ or ‘How does an amplifier amplify current?’ I am not intending to be omniscient. I am just trying to emphasize the fact that the spirit of inquiry which is the foundation of science and technology is missing badly in our pedagogical methods.

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