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User stories and acceptance criteria

User stories and acceptance criteria are inseparable. A user story according to me is the core of product mindset where we put the users at the centre of all product development. Continue reading

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Product improvement feature – Google Maps

From a product management perspective, what is the lesson here? Empathy cannot stay on paper and in talks. User empathy is real and matters for product design. The best way to develop empathy is to simulate the conditions of the user as much as possible; a 100% if that is possible. In this case, a product designer from Google Maps could have taken a bus to the office daily for a week and would know what features really matter to the user. It is possible that this might have been done and yet, this need escaped! You can also perform what is known as Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) with the actual users. I will elaborate more about CTA in another article! Continue reading

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