Finite resources and infinite demand

When I see some of the crumpled shelters, beggars, some of the so called ‘middle class’ living in narrow alleys as in Delhi, people urinating anywhere and everywhere, the slums of Mumbai, the fact that many of the villages still lack electricity and telephone, I get discouraged with a feeling that many Indians nurture “a feeling of – India ka kuch nahin hone wala”.

This is a momentary feeling and then there is a hope that things will change. Assuming no black money, no corruption and all ethical practices, supply and demand decides the value of products and services in an open market. One aspect stands clear. Even if we were to have a perfect delivery system, the government of the day does not have a magical wand to set all things right. The resources at the expense of the government are limited compared to the population of this nation, a fact which no ruling party will ever accept. All that can be done is to channel these finite resources for the common good. The State has to provide the basic necessities of life to each of its citizens and ensure a peaceful existence of all its subjects. It also has to ensure equal access to the public services and essential products.

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