Datacamp for Data Science

At the outset, let me make it clear that this is not a paid endorsement. I am writing it out of my own volition impressed by the way DataCamp has changed the way we learn things online. In a way, this is a kind of organic content marketing that every brand must aspire for. Your product or service is more valuable than your marketing campaigns!

Data science and related jobs are the buzz word today in the jobs marketplace. It seems that the world is automating and thus we need a lot of data scientists who can churn in data which then can provide valuable insights for decision making. Leveraging this demand, everyone in the e-Learning space including some business schools have started courses. Many of them are expensive and probably not worth it. In this blog article today, I will share my experience with a wonderful learning package called DataCamp which can be accessed at

The beauty of DataCamp is that the courses have been made with a kind of empathy. The Course Creator has put himself or herself in the shoes of a learner and created these courses. They have skill tracks and career tracks. The price is very nominal compared to the kind of quality they are providing. They were running a discount campaign through which you could access all courses for a duration of one year at just five thousand rupees. There is also a monthly payment option. Once you have enrolled, you can either choose the technology like Python, R, SQL, etc or you can start a skill or career track. These tracks bundle around 15 to 20 courses which progress gradually and make you an expert.

The pedagogy is also very effective. They have interleaved chunk sized videos of 3 to 4 minutes between exercises. The exercises are done live on the website itself on the DataCamp server with all the tools installed. You just have to play around with the commands and the exercises in the embedded interpreter. Only after getting the exercise right, you can move forward. You also have an option to see the solution by losing some XP points though it is not clear what these XP points can be used for in the future. Each of the courses themselves are to the point ranging from three to five hours.

They have tried to cover everything that a data scientist needs including SQL, data visualisation packages, GIT, shell scripting, etc. In all, I felt that it is a very good value for money. They also have projects which you can use in your portfolio once you have covered the pre-requisites for those projects. These can come in handy to get you some good jobs. Also, after every course, you can post a link to the statement of accomplishment on your LinkedIn profile. For me, it has been a fun filled and a very good learning experience with DataCamp.

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Sudhir is a product leader with a decade of experience creating economic value using innovative products and services through a human-centered design process. He has proven experience working with teams of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Sudhir has the perfect blend of engineering and managerial skills arising out of his research in computer science around machine learning and image processing and entrepreneurial experience of founding an e-learning company. Find out more on LinkedIn: or visit my personal website:
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