Is a degree certificate actually needed for employment ?

I think some of them would label me crazy for posing such a weird question. It is taken for granted that a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctoral degree or a certificate is a must to gain employment. We then have industry stalwarts complaining that a majority of undergraduates are not ’employable’. Most of you would agree with me that most of us take admissions into colleges to gain employment. There could be very few who do it just for the sake of gaining ‘knowledge’. Those few would have the luxury of their social capital or accumulated wealth from their past generations.

For those of us laymen who gain admissions into colleges for making a career out of it, the picture is not so rosy, at least in India. I recently read an article which said that more than 30000 Engineering seats in a particular State of India were vacant. Even the so called premier institutes of India which have some Is and Ts in their name also had to conduct multiple rounds for admission. This was bound to happen. There are many fake colleges in India also which are run like ‘family’ business ‘only’ with the intention of making money. Such institutes will vanish from the education domain in the future. Already, the Government of India is framing rules to make it compulsory for Engineering colleges to make sure that every admitted student gets an internship opportunity. They must extend it to an employment offer too.

Put yourself in an entrepreneur’s or employee’s shoes. Why would someone employ you? The answer is simple. Your skills and knowledge ! Someone must get convinced that you will add value (monetary and non-monetary) to the organisation. That is when they decide to employ you and pay you a salary. And by the way, they are not doing a favor to you. They are only increasing their wealth or intend to do so by employing you. The academic degree or certificate that you possess then acts only as a means to narrow down the sample candidates that the organisations like to interview. However, with the advent of internet, the sample space will increase and in fact, the whole universe is open to organisations from where they can employ. Work from home is also an option nowadays. Freelancing is becoming popular.

However, at present, organisations and companies still use academic degrees and certificates as an eligibility criteria for their employment. A better way would be to give everyone an opportunity who has the ability to add value to the company or organisation. That day is not far. I am currently working on an idea of edutainment television channel and a Teaching-Learning-Assessment platform that has the potential to be the next game-changing venture.

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