How to prepare current affairs for clearing UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2017? PART-2

In my previous post, I had mentioned that memorizing facts is not necessary for the examination. By that, I meant that facts alone are important but understanding of concepts is. Once, the concepts are understood, the facts remain in your mind forever. For example, even today, in the midst of night, if somebody awakens me and asks what is Article 14 of the Constitution of India, then I will tell them it is about the right to equality.

Many ask me if they have to ‘byheart’ the articles of Constitution, the answer is NO. With more and more reading and the concepts clear, these article numbers will be your friends. There are few sources on the internet which are providing current affairs material in a form that will help UPSC preparation but even that one or two sources are not complete, i.e you cannot rely on them alone and go to write the examination.

The point is that you must understand the BREADTH and DEPTH of the current events. Breadth helps for prelims exam and Depth is very important for mains examination. By depth, I do not mean an expert depth but to know all perspectives and facts-features of that particular topic.

Sources for current affairs for UPSC preparation

  • News articles of importance from popular English dailies.
  • Government publications (Reports, summaries, recommendations, etc)
  • Ministry websites
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)
  • The Hindu newspaper editorial
  • Important international organisation and news websites (particularly that have a bearing on India or are ‘important’ as global news)

Make your own notes (soft or hard) and that is the only way you can master current affairs. Reading and memorizing cut-paste articles from coaching classes or for that matter any other source does not help. Where the coaching may help is to narrow down on the topics that are most probable to be ‘Current events’ as far as UPSC is concerned.

This is exactly what I am going to do. I will provide a current affairs topic listing and will also guide you on how you can make notes.

So, important learning is that the process of creating current affairs notes is indispensable for current affairs preparation.

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