Civil Services (IAS, IPS, etc) as a career

Before I delve into this topic, let me tell you why I think I have the authority to write such an article. I have had this dream to join Indian Civil Services from my childhood. Parents, movies like Tejaswini IPS, red beacon cars, etc attracted me towards this career. During under graduation and later, I really understood the power of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) officers in this country to bring about a positive change. I tried my best over a period of 6 years to become an IAS officer but did not succeed. In 2011, I did clear the examination but could not get IAS and other services were not in my preference list. I did not even mark IPS as my preference. So I was considered as Limited Service Preference (LSP) candidate. That is something I will discuss while criticizing UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), the body that conducts the Civil Services Examination and gives India its top level bureaucrats and the Ministry of Personnel which is responsible for service related matters of these bureaucrats. I have also been close to some officers including my father-in-law who retired as an IAS officer and hence this authority to write this article.

If red beacon is what interests you, then let me warn you that States like Karnataka have banned officers from using red beacon cars after a high court judgement 🙂 Only cabinet ministers and High court judges can use them. I do not understand why Judges need red beacons 🙂 Maybe because it was their judgement and so they thought they must add themselves.

If you are intending to draw a starting salary of more than 1 lakh rupees per month i.e (around 13 lakh CTC), then Civil Services is not for you. In terms of salary provided in cash, civil services may never be able to match the private sector because of the certain principles on which civil services is based. You may want to find out how much salary you will given during Probation which lasts for about 1 year after you join the training and then the different grades of salary until your retirement. You must look for these salaries according to the Seventh Pay Commission which is the most recent one. You can check this link  though I may not vouch for the veracity of the same.

But in terms of benefits, these services are superior to those of the private sector. Lavish bungalows with gardens in heart of city, servants, vehicle, driver, electricity and telephone bills, children education, subsidized land costs, etc are something unique for these services.

Now. let us focus on the reasons why you must consider civil services as a career. I told you briefly that with these services, you get power to bring about a positive change in the country. Watch the video below to see an IAS officer in action. She is the District Commissioner of a District who is virtually the King or Queen of the district.

These videos may be more than enough a reason for you to think of writing and clearing this civil services examination and contributing to the development of our country on a paid basis.

Civil services due to its century old culture has become a way of life and I would like to call it as a full time paid social service.

Other than this positive feeling of satisfaction that you derive by doing something good on a large scale that has national and international impact, job variability is also another feature particularly that of IAS. You can be a district commissioner, commissioner of your muncipal corporation, MD of Air India, MD of BSNL, etc. During the entire span of career of an IAS officer, he or she will be posted to multiple departments. Such job variability with continued salary is not present in any other job in the world.

I will be guiding through some free videos and articles on how to crack the Civil Services Examination. Follow this blog regularly for new posts.


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2 Responses to Civil Services (IAS, IPS, etc) as a career

  1. Mukesh gupta says:

    Sir its really a great achievement that u cleared upsc bt still i m nt getting why didn’t u fill all other posts? While u could work fr development of India on other posts also. And thank fr article and video its really very inspiring and gives a clear view on power of an IAS officer.


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