The PK message and Misuse of Bail Provision

It was fun watching the movie PK albeit two times. Movies can have a lasting impact on the psyche of people. In that respect, the movie PK spreads a lot of good messages about religion. The movie talks about two types of religion – the one created by God, the creator of this universe and the other created by human beings who call themselves the messengers of God. The movie calls the latter ‘Managers’ of religion.

Wrong number is about the wrong perception about religion and the power of God that are taken for granted by many of us. I particularly liked the correlation of fear with obeisance to God. Larger the fear, larger the obeisance :). We follow many of the rituals blindly without having honest feelings about God. God is a concept that keeps the arrogance of human race under check. That one fear of God keeps us reminding that there is someone watching us and someone bigger than everything else in this Universe. I bet that this psychological effect is more than enough to accept religion and faith as rational.

The messages that the movie in specific directs are the following: Godmen making money by capitalizing on the fear of fellow humans, wastage of milk on ‘Abhisheka’ while millions suffer from hunger, different meanings of similar words or context in different religions, hypocrisy of Indian society particularly towards sex and related matters, some Islamic practices like lashing, offering of wine to Jesus, etc.

What came to me as a surprise was that some right extremists still blame Aamir Khan for singling out Hindu religion alone. This is not at all true since Mr. Khan has covered almost all of the major religions (population wise, may be top 5) in his film. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs are the ones that I can recollect. Such an extremist attitude clearly shows the threat that a section of the majority pose to the secular fabric of our country.

All said and done, one thing that I did not appreciate about Mr. Aamir Khan is the role played by Sanjay Dutt in this movie. Are there legal provisions in our judicial system that allow a convict serving sentence in jail to shoot for a movie and make a living? If there is a provision, then what is the procedure for the same? I would like other convicts also to come out of jail, work (legally) and go back to jail. I am assuming that there exist no such provisions. Only an RTI application under the right to information act 2002 will help us know the official response to these questions. Should I get some time, I will submit the application or if some of you get the time, then do ask these relevant questions to the relevant authorities. Read my other article ‘Bail as a mockery of justice’ which has a similar theme.

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