The Uneasy World

Recently, I read an interview of a famous actor who is supposed to be ‘unconventional’. He has a live-in relationship (heterosexual). He says that he would have loved to have kids with the lady but does not like the world that he lives in. For sometime, even I shared the same thought :). Competitive examinations, coaching, the materialistic world, consumerism, the rat race, the immoral trends, sexuality that would take us back to promiscuity, climate change etc, etc. Why would someone reproduce to push their offspring into this ‘hell’???

Was this world always like this or is it that things are becoming more complicated that the definitions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are becoming more diverse and contradictory through out the world. My experiences from the life in metro cities of India very clearly point out that there is something wrong. Window shopping in a mall is also a disease (mind it). It raises your expectations and creates false needs which is the life-breath of consumerism. Flaunting of sexuality has also become more common and some claim it as their right. Some see it as a cause of increasing rapes. The media, particularly the advertisements fuel this sexuality. Advertisement managers who would probably be MBAs from ‘prestigious’ universities seem to have a lot of faith in the sexual harmones and its associated psychology.

There are also all kind of justifications which create confusion in the ‘young mind'( Mine is one). There is confusion between ‘quality of living’ and ‘consumerism’, confusion between ‘lust’ and ‘love’ and in general a confusion between what is right and wrong. The most ironical aspect is that all these things are never discussed. You hardly find institutes (academic or otherwise) organizing workshops, seminars or discussions on sex.  Even wordpress does not show sex as one of the recommended links!! I would just label such an attitude as hypocrisy.

The good aspect of all these evils is the fun and pleasure that we gain though it is temporary. There are also maxims like ‘live to the fullest’, ‘enjoy life as long as you live’ which say that even temporary pleasure is worth experiencing. Well, I do not have solutions to any of the questions that I have posed. I do feel that pleasure and fun are fine but I do not see an end to it. Vicious circles are the problem.

The world is not simple for those who care to understand it and for those who do not intend to understand it, it is just a random process. The truth is that things are going to be ‘complicated’ and the thoughts of the actor about which I mentioned at the beginning of this article may become a general trend rather than an exception………

Any mortal soul there to bless this confused mind? Please care to comment and discuss and not just LIKE this post. Speak out your mind. I would like my ‘academic connections’ particularly to discuss such issues and find solutions for themselves.

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5 Responses to The Uneasy World

  1. vishal bharadwaj says:

    I also think that sex education should be introduced right from the school time because that is the time when young mind starts getting attracted over sex related things. If, at this time proper guidance is there, then the problems related to these types of things would be less in their future.


  2. Kisley says:

    Talking about right and wrong, I have never seen any institution or some group of people(might be parents) helping in clarifying the issue, it is one’s duty for oneself to find out those answers and this is the only way.


  3. I don’t think the world is the bad thing here.. It’s our perception of things….


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