Religion and Blasphemy

In the recent past, I have seen and heard a lot about blasphemy. All I can say is that it has taken a lot of valuable time of our intellectuals in debating about an issue which is a kind of ‘no-brainer’. It has wasted many pages of our newspapers apart from wasting a lot of ‘show-time’ of our media channels.

Ask yourself the basic question: What is religion? It is a belief system and there is nothing good or bad about a particular religion. Of course, each and every belief system is unique and there could be a lag between any two belief systems in terms of their maturity with respect to a particular reference of a ‘civilized’ or an ideal belief system if at all we can find one. A devout Hindu does not question the existence of Shri Ram, Goddess Lakshmi, or Lord Hanuman. Similarly, monotheism is a given for a devout Muslim. I view religion and God as a concept which may have been conceived to bound man’s actions to reasonable limits. This is the concept that is responsible for the society’s existence. If every individual would have been allowed to think and act in his own ways, then such a proposition is a perfect recipe for anarchy.

Do you have the right to hurt others’ sentiments while you co-exist in a society? Do you have the right to paint the Hindu Goddesses naked as an artist? Do you have the right to question the monotheistic principles of Islam? You would have all these rights in your private sphere. You could have all these rights as a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ living on an inhabited island. You loose all these rights when you want yourself to be a part of the society. You need to honor the sentiments of the people who are a part of that society.

I feel pity on the intellectuals who support such a blatant expression of feelings in the name of freedom of expression. These intellectuals are only contributing in undermining the concept of freedom of expression. One thing that is objective in this subjective world is that freedom of an individual is not absolute and it comes with reasonable qualifications.

Someone described the paintings of M.F. Hussain as creativity. Creativity, my foot! If this is creativity, then I thank God for not making me so creative.


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