The buzz around OPEN SOURCE

I have failed to understand one aspect of the free software movement and open source till date. The question that troubles me is the following. Why are people targeting the software industry alone and in particular Mr. Bill Gates. (I feel pity for Mr. Gates though 😦 ). Value addition and profit making are closely related in a capitalistic economy. So if someone is creating some software product and making money out of it, then what is wrong with it. Do we question the cardiologists or neurologists who charge exorbitant price for the surgeries they perform? Do we question the exorbitant fees charges by some educational institutes in this country in the name of quality?

Can we open source education, health, nutrition, etc etc? There is a need for open and unconditional access to more important things and services than software. So, why this craze of free software only. I have seen a lot of academicians (and other professionals) who are a part of this movement. Can the academicians and these professionals justify the paychecks that they carry home at the end of the month in the name of services rendered. Can’t they teach for free? Ideally speaking, those who are a part of free software movement should not patronize patenting. But the irony is that many of these open source enthusiasts would have their own patents. I have pondered over this question many a times as to how do we justify the stratification of professions in the post industrial society. The theory of supply and demand is flawed for you can find many jobs which only few can do but yet are not a part of top strata. More about this in my future article. As I conclude, I am still confused about the buzz around open source.

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1 Response to The buzz around OPEN SOURCE

  1. mohitdaga says:

    Open Source Softwares as I understand are very Important for the developing countries like India, We need softwares which are free/less priced for the ongoing it revolution in the E-Governance, health, education etc.

    Many Software makers are using Open Source codes and protocols available to earn livelihood. I am not advocating to open Source the final product or the final protocols, they for sure must be sold/patented but it is very important for elementary things to be available.

    The access to elementary things provide unique opportunity to the small groups around the world to work on larger things. This empowers them with unique power.

    The development of IT has its epicenter in our subcontinent because the west has already developed in all sectors. Thus things with Open access for development are the thing which are to survive.


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