Maa Behen ki Gaaliya

Sometime ago, I was trying to decipher the meanings of some swear/curse words that I have heard in English, Hindi and Kannada. The result of this experiment was disastrous as I could not believe how a society that respects mother and sister as Goddesses can invent such words even for fun or even to cause disrespect to others. These words have become so common that in the army and some other places, people just cannot desist from using them at least once a day.

The explanation that I usually get from the users of these words is that the ‘spirit’ behind uttering them is not the same as what those words mean. This explanation seemed a bit naive and could not convince me though. For me, it amounts to incest. I have not uttered these words qualifying mother and sister till today and I am proud of it. Better late than never, people who have picked these words because of their socialization should try hard to give it up if we are to call ourselves a part of a progressive civilization.

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3 Responses to Maa Behen ki Gaaliya

  1. Apoorv Purwar says:

    Its not just about the army, the same extends to colleges too and that too at a decent frequency.


  2. Yeah..these words are used in colleges at a very high rate and when analyzed why these type of words are used without even knowing the meaning of them…it comes out using these words makes the users feel that they are real men and it makes their a good image among colleagues !!!!


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