Ethics in advertising

Have you seen the advertisement of a semi clad actress advertising a mango drink “Aam Sutra”. It does not take much time to relate it to “Kama Sutra”. Of course, the advertisers want you to relate to it so that your levels of testosterone go up and you somehow become crazy for the mango drink. What is the relation between ‘playing safe’ in context of a couple and the mineral water? There are enough examples of this kind which prove that the corporate houses have not been sensitive enough to observe the highest level of ethics while making profits.

Advertising is a multi crore industry in India and is poised to grow at close to 9% during 2011. What we need along this growth is a regulatory body that sees that the information conveyed through the advertisement actually speaks about the product or service to an extent of 90%. The National Commission for Women is also pressing the Government of India to bring advertisements and such media practices under the ambit of a law by proposing amendments to the Prohibition of Indecent Representation of Women and Children Act 1956. But the all powerful corporate houses use their lobbying techniques to dilute such amendments to the extent possible. Let us hope that good sense prevails over these corporate houses because a stronger economy cannot be built without strong ethics in business.

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