Death for rarest of the rare cases

Do not worry too much if you happen to rape or murder someone as the honourable Supreme court of India has decided to award death sentence only in the rarest of the rare cases :). So all you have to care is not to be too ruthless while murdering or raping somebody. There is a need to set some limits within which the Judiciary should be able to interpret the law if we are not to make a travesty of justice. Read the astonishing case of the rape and murder of Priyadarshini Mattoo here where the death sentence of the culprit was commuted to life imprisonment because the judiciary did not find it ‘rarest of the rare’.

The government of India and the law ministry should lay a strong foundation for developing the law schools in this country that would produce the best lawyers in the interests of the society. The supreme court of India should clearly come up with the cases fit for death sentence which are non commutable. Prisons are a part of correction mechanism but what we see today is that any innocent who is lodged in the prison has a greater probability of turning into a criminal. Some notorious prisons in the country have become a resort for certain anti social elements. In addition to this, prisons are a tax burden on the common tax paying citizen.

Any decent society cannot afford to nurture rapists and murderers. There are some gruesome crimes for which there is no correction. This has to be understood by the people who sympathize with people on the death row.

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