Need for ‘Internethics’

For a moment, I was happy that I was adding a new word to the English dictionary ‘Internethics’ but it hardly took a few seconds on a search engine to find out that people have already created such a word. Here is one such link defining Internethics. I recently booked an international flight ticket for my proposed vacation. From that day onwards, most of the sites I visit pop up advertisements in front of me with the so called great offers on international tickets. What amazed me was that they also know the to and fro locations from where I am flying for my vacation. Here is an interesting read on how your visits to the sites are tracked. This is the outcome of the senseless ideas devised by some management guys coupled with the brains of some web technologists to provide customized messages to people on the internet.

While I do like customized messages, this should not happen at the expense of stealing information from the internet. Most of us on the internet are too busy to look at the ‘terms and conditions’ and thus become victims of this information stealing, victims of the plans devised by the ‘senseless capitalists’ (mind you, there are also ‘senseful capitalists’). I would still call it stealing because the people who devise such methods know that hardly few people read the terms and conditions. Most of you would be surprised to know that your chat messages, your online game history, etc, etc are not just secure. Even if the connection is secure, you never know the level of ethics that governs the working of the organization that is managing your data.

There is a dire need to introduce courses on ethics right from the school education to university education to create engineers, managers, journalists, doctors, etc who are not just concerned about making the best of their profession but are also simultaneously looking at the consequences of their actions and inventions on this human society. Had such a focus on ethics prevailed, human civilization would not have seen a Frankenstein’s monster called the ‘Atomic bomb’.

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