The World through a lens called Media

The advent and evolution of the technology used for communication has changed our lives drastically. This change is mostly due to the information that travels close to the speed of light around the globe breaking the traditional geographic and cultural barriers. Like any other technology, the communication technology and the growth of media houses has been both a boon and a bane. Laymen would be better off to know both the pros and cons about the limitations of the information that they acquire through media to arrive at their own decisions.

World over, people and institutions use information for furthering their needs. While the media, be it internet, television, the print or the radio have the capability of transferring the information quickly from one geographic location to another, nothing can be said about the veracity of this information. Moreover, the media houses also have the discretion of choosing which information to pass and which information not to pass from the real world to this communication network.

Last night, I was switching between two news channels on the television and could effortlessly make out that one of the channel supported the ruling party and the other supported the opposition party. Many television channels are also owned by lobbyists and politicians for whom the ethics of journalism just do not matter. And for any other person, it is just the money that matters in this capitalist society.

One could say that the state owned Doordarshan is free from such vice but then it lacks the flow of money that commercial channels have at their disposal. This leads to a deterioration of the quality of programs aired on the state owned television. The need of the hour is the proliferation of ‘Not for Profit’ media houses that are run professionally following the best of media ethics and providing quality entertainment at the same time. Social entrepreneurs should seriously consider running such media houses for the good of this nation.

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