The myth about dynastic politics

For all those pessimists who do not like politics, the events in 2010 and 2011 both at home and in the middle east should be encouraging. These events send a clear message that in the 21st century, you either govern well or perish. Just because someone is a daughter of a famous political leader, she cannot escape the rule of law. Just because someone is an actor, he cannot win elections and there could be many such examples to prove that there is still a lot of hope in this world for the right doers.

Charismatic authority is the most short lived amongst all the kinds of authority. The family background does provide an advantage at the entry level but one has to really work hard to sustain such an authority. Power and authority flow from the work that we do and not from some red beacon cars, huge bungalows or genes.

My message to the youth of this nation is not to detest politics calling it filthy because somebody needs to clean this filth. I urge my fellow countrymen to seriously consider social work and politics as a career. One can prepare a strategy and enter politics in late 30s or 40s while rising in our own profession. Moreover one does not need to sacrifice his or her profession to think socially and to work for the society.

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