Double Standard – Evitable or Inevitable

The United States of America can go deep inside Pakistan and kill Osama Bin Laden but will not preach such a solution for bringing 26/11 Mumbai attackers to book. Regional chauvinists do not want English to be introduced in the schools but would send their kin to International schools. Osama Bin Laden wants youth to become Jihadis but would not like his sons to join the Jihad. These are some examples that speak of one thing – Double Standard.

Wikipedia defines a double standard as the unjust application of different sets of principles for similar situations. I do not want to make lofty statements that this is a bad practice though such a double standard would not exist in a  Utopia. When we look at it ‘practically’, it would appear that with the finite amount of resources (both material and non-material), double standard would exist for obvious reasons. The USA had to prioritize its operations and this country would not take revenge for every terrorist activity that happens in the world. Of course, as a part of international relations, they would like to support such activities but would definitely prioritize those operations that are of concern to the US citizens.

Thus, one should always aim to follow the literary definition of ‘Standard’ and only in some cases, you can set a double standard with rational and humane justifications.

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