The Gun Culture

Why do the citizens of a country need to carry guns with them? Self defense will be one of most popular answers for this question. This answer is not justified because one can defend oneself  in umpteen number of ways better than that by the use of a gun. Some of the states in India have guns imbibed so much as a part of their life that no marriage is deemed complete without gunshots. Read an article here where a 14 year old girl was shot dead in the ‘Celebratory firing’. The gun licenses have to be issued very carefully by the state but what can you expect from the legislators who themselves are found carrying guns and ammunition illegally. Read the embarrassing article where a home minister was found with live cartridges.

Thank God that I am not a faculty in a state where students carry guns in the universities. Read an article here where a university like Aligarh Muslim University had to shut down because of the gunfight. It is high time that we do something about this gun culture. Probably, Jessica Lal would not have been dead if Manu Sharma had not carried the gun. The root of all such cruelty is this ‘gun’. So, eliminate the gun from the lives of ordinary citizens. This also means that the state should ensure more and more protection to its citizens from the anti-social elements.

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