The Low Waist

When some people suggest that you can wear any kind of clothes you want and there should be no moral policing with respect to the clothes one wears, I really wonder what is the utility of clothes in their mind. The early man probably wore clothes to protect himself from the environment. Another reason for giving more prominence to cover private organs could have been a step towards a civilized society when institutions like marriage and family developed. Marriage is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual are acknowledged by the society. Thus, we as a civilized society thought of being different from the dogs which probably do not have any preferences for mating. The reason of climate no longer holds today as we are able to control the environment in which we are living.

From a biologist’s perspective, some organs in the human beings lead to a rise in the sexual harmones. Well, there are other ways for attracting the opposite sex, a video of which can be found here. So. the motive of trends like low waist, the trend of making your inner brief visible, etc should be clear in your mind. If you are really doing it to envy others by flaunting your body, then be it. Just have the courage to accept it instead of making vague statements like ‘It is my freedom. I will wear what I want.’ For people who are trying to improve their vocabulary, here is a new word ‘Panty line‘. Enjoy.

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