God and God Men

This article is a critique of the critics of God and God Men. Just google Sai baba and you will get 2 out of 8 videos that will claim to expose the tricks played by this Demi-God. I saw a magic show yesterday and I was amused by the magic tricks demonstrated by the magician which were beyond my understanding. I appreciated his talent so much that I wanted to take his autograph. Can we call the magician a fraud cashing on the vulnerability of the audience? Sai baba must also have shown some magic and created a fan following of around 30 million worldwide. He has done it smartly by adding a tinge of devotion to it. Obviously, there are millions who are attracted by this charismatic man.

How can we question the existence of God-men when the existence of God cannot be proved; the same God cherished by majority human beings worldwide. I personally revere the existence of God as a concept. The concept is very simple. There exists an unverifiable, super natural force, perfect in all sense, epitome of goodness and the force that disciplines the evil. Such an invisible force is very much essential to maintain social order. The fact that this existence is unverifiable remains the cornerstone of such faith and belief. It is this same unverifiable nature that goes against the principle of rational scientific thinking.

The God-men by various acts of theirs are maintaining this faith in that invisible force. The criticism of these acts is misplaced in the context of Sai baba who has used his charisma to help the deprived of this society. Building canals, supplying drinking water, schools and hospitals, something that even the Governments would envy are the contribution of this Demi-God.  If the populace is vulnerable to any irrational magic tricks, then it is not the fault of the magician. It is the same vulnerable population which gets attracted by Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi for their mythological roles. As far as cases of sexual abuse against the Baba are concerned, they lack evidence in which case it is not acceptable to pronounce someone guilty just on the basis that he or she was charged. Well, there are also charges of child abuse against the priests of churches and the maulvis of madrasas but you will not find documentaries related to such incidents on the internet.

Another article making news today is the admission of Travancore Devaswom Board that the ‘celestial light’ at Sabarimala is man made. It was a stampede that occurred last year which led to an investigation and ultimately this admission. If it were not for the stampede, the State would never have tried to undermine the ‘faith’ in the almighty. There are some symbolic practices that have developed around the concept of God. The motives of these practices are to be questioned by the critics and not the practices themselves because as I said earlier rationality and faith in God do not go together.

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