Ability to think – a boon or a bane

We Homo Sapiens take a lot of pride in our ‘ability to think’ which is a major premise on which we claim to be different from other animals in the animal kingdom. While we can attribute out scientific evolution, our structured civilization, etc to this ability, there are also instances which make me feel that we would be better off without this ability.

I have heard many speakers calling the early childhood days of a baby as golden days, days in which we are unfazed by what is happening around, what other people think about our actions, etc. This is because the ability to think is at its nascent stage and once it starts developing, you just cannot stop it until your death unless you distance yourself from the world around you which is extremely difficult and only few men and women have attempted it.

I am just trying to simulate the world with the homo sapiens minus the ability to think. People have used this ability to amass wealth illegitimately, to kill other fellow human beings and for many other tasks without which the world could have been a better place to live. Another problem with this ability is that it varies with the individual and thus there is a problem in the convergence of thoughts. The way we make it work is to suppress some thoughts and go ahead with the majority or ‘powerful’ thoughts. This may seem unfair but the only viable alternative available.

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2 Responses to Ability to think – a boon or a bane

  1. Shashank S B says:

    Super kano Sidhir… Your posts are very good but short. I would like it to be a little more elaborate. 🙂 BTW, this is only my view.


    • guptasudhir says:

      How long or how short is a tradeoff. With the frequency of my articles, i am not able to spend more time on elaborating. Just trigger the thought process and vent my feelings.


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