How professional are you?

How should a policeman look like? How much of a subject should a teacher know? How logical should a lawyer be? How scientific a scientist should be? These are some questions that have cropped up during my routine observation. It is obvious to expect a ‘tummyless’ strongly built policeman who will arouse a sense of protection in the minds of those being protected. It is obvious for a teacher to know more than what an average student knows else the need for a teacher is obviated.

One funny experience to quote was when I visited Dr. Katras (modified here for obvious reasons) who specialize in hair fall treatment. The moment I saw a bald doctor giving me prescriptions, I had decided not to go for their package 🙂 The other day, I also saw a physical trainer who had a ‘big’ tummy. Now common, some people just do not have the right to sport a tummy because of their profession.

One thing that I have been able to learn from all these observations is that there is something that makes you professional and if that ‘something’ is missing in you, then you are no longer eligible to associate yourself with that profession.

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