Are rules meant to be violated?

Consider the evolution of human beings. From being a barbaric individual to a social being in the 21st century, what is the major difference that you notice? It is the cultivation of civilized habits and this cultivation was required with the growth of civilization. Society is the web of inter human relations and this web has become larger and more complex in terms of its structure and functions with the passage of time. One of the methods for managing the members of this society is to have rules which are agreed upon by majority of the people living in the society as necessary for maintaining ‘order’ in the society. This business of management is known as social control.

Rules are usually codified and have many advantages such as being objective which in turn prevents nepotism and arbitrary control. However, it is usually seen that rules are not taken very seriously leading to quotes such as “Rules are made to be broken” and “You miss all the fun if you follow all the rules”, etc. It is necessary to understand the context in which such quotes were written before generalizing them and considering them the final ‘commandments’. These quotes are often misused by many to justify their behavior of not following rules. Probably, this has something to do with our barbaric past which could be still present in varying quantities in many of us.

Rules are strictly followed in the military and we see a disciplined profession as a result (though not perfect, you cannot have a zero error system). Thus it is necessary to follow rules (traffic, examination, hostel, election, etc) to have an order in the system that is representative of the 21st century civilization that we live in. I am only stressing on the need for following rules in this article. Aspects involved in the application of these rules is the matter of a different topic altogether which I may write in some other article.

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