Missiles and anti-missiles

I laugh from the bottom of my heart when I observe certain paradox around me. One such thing that I have recently observed is the fact that human evolution does not necessarily mean increase in the capabilities of wise thinking. A real time example that made me think so is the missile technology. In the past, there was a mad rush among the nations around the world to build Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Today, the focus is on building Ballistic Missile Defense Shields (BMD) to intercept ICBMs. Can you guess what would be the next step in such an evolution?

You probably guessed it right. The next step would be to build missiles that can dodge the BMDs and penetrate such a shield. The developing countries have no option but to join this mad race. They are forced to allot a major part of their gross domestic product for defense purposes. This has a major impact because the governments in these countries are unable to provide food, shelter and clothing for their citizens. Yet, they have to make a lot of defense expenditure.

The United Nations has a great role to play in bringing disarmament and bringing all the nations together to slash their defense expenditure and route such an expenditure for the well being of the human kind.

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