Freedom of expression

I have been observing of late that many people do not use their freedom of expression though it is one of the guaranteed rights in a democracy like ours. This is a phenomenon that is not just visible in political arena. It is more of a human nature – Fear.

What do you do when you see something wrong happening? Sometimes, the situation may force you to be a mute spectator but many a times, there are also ways in which you can stop the wrong thing from happening or in bringing the guilty to book. There are some extreme cases like the ones shown in the film ‘No one killed Jessica’ where in one of the hostile witness says “Aap kya karoge jab ek taraf goli ho aur doosri taraf ek karod rupaiya, mujhe ek karod nahin chahiye, lekin mujhe goli bhi nahin chahiye”. The above lines probably reflect some of the cases where extreme anti social elements are involved. In the same film, we see a police inspector whose conscience could not allow him to be silent. He anonymously sends a video tape to a journalist that finally helps in punishing the guilty.

This is what I meant by various ways to express yourself. One thing is sure. We should always explore ways to set things right and in that direction, we should attempt to speak against the wrong practices wherever possible and if not possible to speak, we should use other ‘diplomatic’ means to express ourselves. So, the next time you see something wrong in your daily life or in the professional life, speak and speak at the right time.


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