The youth power of India

The youth of the nation is many a times shown in bad light. Some of the charges against the youth are blind following of western ideals, too liberal in their ideas, etc. While these could be true of a particular section of the youth in the society, it is not the case with the majority youth. Majority youth belong to a category that can be best described as hibernating. Many of them nurture great thoughts and are ready to go that extra mile for their country.

This is demonstrated by the enthusiastic participation of the youth in the struggle against corruption led by Anna Hazare and others. History has umpteen number of examples to show how the youth of the nation played an important role in the freedom struggle. This power was not being channeled in the right direction by the leaders of the country post independence. Even today, this lack of leadership is felt in the nation. We have youth organizations that represent the sentiments of some political parties more than the sentiments of the youth. There are youth organizations that are not led by the youth but are led by some ‘senile youth’.

We the youth of this country need to organize ourselves and act as a dominant pressure group in this society.


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