Support Anna Hazare

My article today is dedicated to the great soul Mr. Anna Hazare who has undertaken a fast unto death urging the government to form a joint committee of civil society and government to draft the Jan Lokpal bill. This bill has so many provisions to tackle graft that it will make the corrupt politicians difficult to thrive through their illegitimate means and thus, it is obvious that this bill has not been passed since 46 years.

I call upon all the citizens of this country and particularly my friends to popularize the movement started by Anna Hazare. Another significant issue worth discussing is the difference that popularity can make. It is a true fact that this movement has taken on the nerves of the Government because there are people like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal involved in it. These people have gained popularity by their own legitimate means and are now using it for the benefit of this country. Contrast this with other bollywood filmstars, sportspersons, etc who are not using their popularity in a judicious way to bring the much required change in India. Instead, these celebrities find it more meaningful to use their popularity for branding some toothpaste, ceiling fan or undergarments. Some of them are now campaigning for political parties.

India will change drastically if all the popular figures start acting as pressure groups to influence the government and the society towards rooting the evil.


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4 Responses to Support Anna Hazare

  1. Nehan.Shaikh says:

    Corruption is a huge problem that the country is facing today. Get together and fight against it. It is making our country hollow. XXX party didn’t do it because they didn’t wanted to, but its high time XXX party should pass the bill.


  2. s.s. hayer says:

    I was eighteen when i left india for u.k. but i do visit india every two to three years.When i see so much corruption it just put me off.India will be a great conutry if we can get rid of corruption and control population. I support you for this great cause.


  3. Jayanta Biswas says:

    Among the root causes of corruption in this great country is a complacency about some “given” facts, like, “Gandhiji brought us freedom” and “Nehru was the architect of modern India” or “B.R.Ambedkar framed a perfect Constitution”. We must start questioning the basics before we arrive at a solution to today’s problems. Note that our corrupt legislators cite the Constitution and its founding fathers as sacrosanct edifices as defense against Anna’s campaign. We must collectively revise our confused Constitution and end dynastic rule to move forward as a progressive nation.


  4. smita says:

    Our government has really lost his minds and values…..
    and by arresting Anna they are clearly saying that they will be continuing this corruption …. and this is really shameless act


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