Post World Cup Mad Rush

It was indeed a great moment in the history of India to have claimed the Cricket World Cup for the second time. This is an event that was worth celebrating but the mad rush of announcing awards that followed from Governments breaking party lines has disturbed me to some extent.

The finance minister of the country discounts the tax on the money from awards, the international cricket council is provided tax sops, the railway minister announces free tickets on ‘Palace on Wheels‘ and free LIFE TIME travel for all players through out India. I could understand very well the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) announcing cash prizes for the Indian players. What I was unable to comprehend was the act of Central and State governments announcing cash prizes and other sops in a ‘Mad Rush’.

The questions that are worth pondering are: Is Cricket the only game that deserves such ‘power’ attention? Can a government which does not have enough resources to spend on the poor of its country indulge in such stupidity? Can the popularity associated with cricket be abused for other narrower gains? Can diplomatic relations, politics, and other extraneous matters associate themselves with Cricket?

It is time for the citizens of this country to make the governments in their state and the centre aware that their love for Cricket has nothing to do with money and politics. It is just the love for the game. All the above thoughts apart, it is a good bet to train your son (not your daughter yet) to become a cricketer.


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