A mistaken idea that freedom and ‘Manmaani‘ are the same has taken its roots in the so called liberal world today. First of all, as Buddha has said thousands of years ago, nothing is absolute in this world. This applies to freedom also. The freedom that we human beings in a civilized society enjoy is not absolute and is relative to the macrocosm called ‘Society’ in which we live. Even the legal rights enjoyed by virtue of the Indian constitution are conditional.

Two recent cases demonstrate that some individuals do not understand this fact about freedom. The first case is related to a foreign author who claims a great leader of ours to be bisexual in his recently released book. Now, does he have any concrete evidence to prove this fact. Is he making his interpretations and forcing those interpretations on the society. Imagine the chaos if each one of us would write books based on our interpretations. Many a times, even truth is concealed from a utilitarian perspective and it is only those who understand the limitations of their freedom who demonstrate such exemplary behavior.

Another case is related to some Miss Pandey who has vowed to strip herself if India wins the world cup final. Vow….. the prayers seeking India to win will double or triple probably :). Now, the obvious explanation to such behavior would be ‘It is my wish’ but madamji, in a stadium filled with lakhs of spectators, ‘personal’ whims and fancies takes a backseat and the ‘culture‘ of the group becomes more important. It is thus obvious that some party founded on the basis of religious denomination is opposing such an act. It is simply an act orchestrated for cheap publicity.


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