People management

I mentioned somewhere on this blog that moving to the quinary professions or leadership positions has a lot of advantages. What I did not mention is that power comes with commensurate responsibility. The captain of the cricket team, Chief Executive Officer of a corporate giant, Supervisor or Project head of a group, the Prime minister of the country all have something in common. This commonality is found in the fact that all of these people are required to steer a ship like a captain.

What is the problem in managing the subordinates when you have power? Though the leader could have legal powers granted by the organizational rules, it is not the display of this power that makes a good leader. A leader who is leading a group of people must always be aware that he is dealing with human beings and not machines. So, there is a limit on the efficiency to be expected from the subordinates. At the same time, human beings need motivation and only the behaviour of the leader can influence the motivation of an individual. The way a leader speaks with his or her subordinates, the way the leader deals with their problems, etc though trivial contribute a lot in the superior-subordinate relationships.

An organizational theory expert would suggest good horizontal and vertical communication channels, clearly defined organizational goals, etc to make the organization more productive. But you do not need to be an organizational theory expert or require any such consultancy if you have the determination and the common sense required to lead a group of fellow human beings. I have experienced some leadership positions and learnt a lot and some of my abilities could now be said to be ‘naturalized’. All that I would say is that it is an amazing experience to lead people.

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