Being famous

The other day I was trying to imagine the life of a celebrity and had mixed feelings about being famous which I thought of sharing here. First of all, it really needs some talent and favorable conditions to shoot to fame. Once you are famous, you have all the reasons to feel happy about it. At the same time, there are occasions when you may feel that you are not able to lead the life of a common person. This is the irony of life. At certain point of time, you desire for something and after gaining it, you still desire something else. In general, you are not going to satisfied penultimately. Read my article on satisfaction here.

One disadvantage of being famous is that it tends to restrict your freedom of movement on many occasions. You also get isolated from the mainstream of the society and just get a glimpse of it through your coterie. Another disadvantage of becoming famous is that every tom, dick and harry starts to have an opinion about you without knowing much about you. On the other hand, there are advantages of being famous. With the celebrity status comes immense power to influence the society. Thus, the celebrity status if used in a proper manner can be an effective tool for social uplift.

At the end of it, the mixed feeling that I was speaking was whether being famous is good or bad? All that I can say is that this question can be best answered by experiencing the feeling of being famous.

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3 Responses to Being famous

  1. Shashank S B says:

    Hey Sudhira..

    Awesome kano.. Good blog. It would have been if you had elaborated it a bit more. But anyway excellent. Keep it going.


  2. Sidd says:

    Good one Sudhir.
    I think to be “famous” itself demands a lot of hard work and dedication. And once you are “famous” you can sit and relax and then can think whether being famous is good or bad..:-) Lets first target to be famous..:-))
    In my opinion , it is akways better to cry in a BMW rather than crying on a bicycle..!!!


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