De-subsidising India

It is an irony that the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) burning in the kitchens of millionaires and billionaires of this country is being heavily subsidised by the Government of India. The LPG cylinders are sold at a loss of Rs700/- to Rs 950/- per cylinder. The same is true with the diesel that the rich in this country use to power their sport utility vehicles (SUVs). You then have expressways on which these SUVs can run at their maximum rated speed. (The expressways also have other advantages, I am just using it here to critique the subsidy policy).

What lies at the heart of the problem is the inability of the government to target the benefits of subsidy be it in diesel, kerosene, LPG, food grains or any other government service. Schemes like targeted public distribution system (PDS) have failed and policy makers are now speaking about universalization of PDS. With the advent of AADHAR which is an ambitious project of the government of India to uniquely identify every citizen of this country and the creation of National Population Register, there are hopes that technology can help to better identify the individuals who require the help of the government.

Knowingly or unknowingly, if you or your family are using any benefits meant exclusively for the poor, then please desist from doing so (unless you are poor as defined by the United Nations) as a family or an individual who is genuinely in need of the help is deprived because of your act.

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