God save Julian Assange, God save whistleblowers

All is not well with our systems. An article in the newspaper today says that the Government had to bribe the members of Parliament to stay afloat. Vow…… Did this news deserve the frontpage? Is it a breaking news? This has been the trend since time immemorial. Votes are bought, prizes are bought, passports are bought, and the list continues. This is not to paint a pessimistic picture of the world that we live in. All that is being said is that we are not in an Utopia. So, it has to be understood that non-ideal conditions cannot be dealt with ideal rules and methods. This is a major hindrance for a civil servant today who has not been armed with enough provisions to deal with these non idealities.

Some people, mostly retired civil servants face the wrath of the public when they reveal certain facts about the government after they retire. The contention here is that they should have done something about a particular evil when they were in service and not speak about it after they retire. We are expecting too much from a civil servant who has to work under a A. Raja or a Neera Yadav. The society should be thankful that the conscience of these retired bureacrats ( and not some political gain) made them speak the truth.

One of the reasons for such behaviour is also due to the lack of insufficient protection for whistleblowers. An evil world around us calls for a robust law to protect the whistleblowers. India did not have an act until recently. The cabinet has cleared the whistleblower protection bill. The society also has a responsibility to support these whistleblowers and people like Julian Assange who facilitate whistleblowing with the help of technology (one of the greatest use of technology is bringing awareness through communication). Julian Assange is facing the charges of rape. It has to be borne in mind that consensual sex can easily be converted to rape by powerful players including the State. The truth then is ‘Not to speak the truth on certain occasions is safer’. When to speak the truth and when not thus is an art.

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