Of late, I am cursing my science teachers (and teachers in general) for asking me to think rational when the whole world around you is irrational. Most of the times, rational ideas are tagged as impractical even in this scientifically advanced 21st century. Recently, I read a news article which talked about the Science and Information Technology minister of Odisha writing his secondary school exam.

This example leads us to an important question  “Whether education should be a requirement to represent people and head ministries?” Of course, a rational answer would have been ‘Yes’. But the present day examples show no correlation between education levels and values. In fact, there is a greater danger of educated people being involved in sophisticated means of corruption and other malpractices. So, one could say that what we have around us are decisions based on ‘Constrained rationality’.

There are many examples in my real life (both personal and professional) when rationality was kept aside in making decisions. This is the reason for starting this article with cursing my teachers (which I would never do, just used it here to drive home some point). More and more young people are getting irritated by this gap in what is being taught and what is being practiced. Either we have to change the curriculum of our educational institutes or the society should change its behavior.


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