The furore of Nature

One good thing that I have noticed about natural disasters is that they do not distinguish between developed and developing nations, democratic and autocratic nations, poor and rich, educated and uneducated, etc. All of us take pride in our technological strides but most of our inventions depend on ‘some’ source of energy directly or indirectly. Without energy, these inventions are rendered useless. To an extent, you can also generalize that the level of development is directly proportional to the dependence on energy. Imagine yourself living without electricity for a month. I am sure you will not even dare to imagine such a scenario. But the truth remains that we have not understood the nature completely as to master it.

Ask some ten persons randomly as to what they would do if an earthquake hits their region in India, you should not be surprised if you get responses that would say that we do not know or we have not thought about it. Such is the effort of the National Disaster Management Authority of India headed by the Prime Minister himself. People have to be made aware of the steps to be taken when a natural disaster hits so that the loss of lives can be minimized. This has to be done through mass media campaigns and local self government bodies.

While it is true that the natural disasters are not biased towards a particular geographical region or a section of society, it is also true that the deprived sections of the society are the most vulnerable to such disasters. It goes without saying that the deprived sections of the society are ‘deprived’ even without a natural disaster. So, where is the point in expecting relief for them in the wake of a natural disaster.


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One Response to The furore of Nature

  1. Deepti says:

    I agree.. “the deprived sections of the society are the most vulnerable to such disasters” thats the harsh truth.


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