Indian Standard Time

Pardon me if you thought that I am talking about the time zones. I am writing about the colloquial meaning of this term ‘Indian Standard Time‘. Here is a vexed issue that is worth thinking. Why is it that ‘bad’ things get tagged with regions, countries and ethnicity more quickly than the ‘good’ things.  Great thinker Mark Twain has already remarked decades ago that “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” reflecting the power of the ‘bad’.

Being late is considered an Indian virtue which I strongly disagree.  I am an Indian and I am always on time. I was a part of an international forum held in India sometime back. A person belonging to the group of organizers then made a nasty statement in that forum in the presence of the foreigners. He talked about Indian Standard Time and that we should wait for some more time before the talk starts. I felt like protesting at his statement but some turn of events fortunately prevented me from creating a scene. My take would be that the organizers are also equally at fault who do not let the proceedings happen in time. There is no question of waiting for someone when the time for a particular event is scheduled and made known to the participants.

My message to my fellow countrymen is that we should act responsibly and try our best not to get ourselves tags such as ‘Indian Standard Time’. The critics should stop criticizing and contribute to solutions in their own domain. Such solutions will definitely bring timeliness.


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