Hang them to the lamp post

Hang corrupt people in public. This is what the supreme court said in 2007. I would say that this should be extended to a list of heinous crimes. All civilized people would at the least agree that some of the crimes are inhumane and need exemplary punishment. Madhya Pradesh recorded 26,121 cases of rape between 2001 and 2009. Aruna Shanbaug’s case brings tears in my eyes. My blood boils when I hear about Satyam Raju reading novels and playing badminton in jail.

Why is punishment so important? It is important for the reason that it acts as a very effective tool for social control in a nation that has a billion plus population. The low rape cases in Saudi Arabia is because of the capital punishment awarded to persons involved in rape. See the statistics here. By not providing exemplary punishment, we are encouraging such heinous crimes. What is more alarming is that some prisoners are provided VIP treatment in jail and the jail manual is swept under carpet. It is high time that we revise the Indian Penal Code and also make jails as the central subject with no political interference.

I know that there would be some people who would be against this opinion of exemplary punishment. They are called sympathizers. Most of them would be the elite who themselves have not encountered such heinous crimes in their kinship circle. I would suggest that a cess be levied on such sympathizers for maintenance of the correction mechanism. I am sure, the number of sympathizers would come down sharply if such a taxation law is made.


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One Response to Hang them to the lamp post

  1. Satyam Mishra says:

    Yes this indeed is a very serious issue…..I may not be wrong when I say that those sympathizers either are criminals or have a connection to them…..don’t understand why they sympathy with such people.?


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