The BIMARU states of India

BIMARU states of India are a reference to Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Bimaru in Hindi also means sick. Some of the states have worked hard to get themselves out of this coveted list. Today, the only state that I would associate as bimaru would be Uttar Pradesh. In terms of lawlessness, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar have to do a lot. Bihar is atleast on the right path but UP is yet to wake up.

This is the state of India where students carry pistols to schools and universities, a police inspector polishes the shoes of the Chief Minister, Members of the ruling party burn the opposition party member’s house in filmi style and get rewarded with an assembly ticket, police is non-existent after 8 p.m., so- on and so-forth. Most of the members of the legislation are chargesheeted. You have a kumari chief minister building parks and statues. But again, she is better than or as good as the Yadav father-son duo. In all, this is a state that needs a revolution to change. What is more surprising is that there is no dearth of talent from these states. In fact, most of the toppers of competitive exams hail from these states who then take up professions outside these states. Probably, the solution to the problems of these states lies in luring these talented people to work in their states. Such an exercise would help since these people know the problems of their states more than anyone else.


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