The great Indian weddings

Marriage is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship. It is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual are acknowledged by the society. This is the reason why many people are invited for a marriage. As far as the rituals associated with the marriage are concerned, it can be generalized that the priests ask the blessings from that invisible force called GOD. There are some rituals in some cultures that are related to fertility, etc.

Human capacity to think and the interplay between social and economic institutions has now made the Indian wedding industry worth a whopping 1,25,000 crore rupees. Who says Indians are poor? Some data shows that an average Indian wedding costs 30% more than the average American wedding. For many, marriage is one of an important phase of life and one would like to make it worth remembering but I think there are limits to this thought. Gifting of choppers, spending amounts like 250 crore on a single wedding, flying people to destinations like Malaysia, and many other fancies have become a trend. With the reduction in the evil of ‘dowry’, a new social evil in the form of brazen display of wealth has taken roots.

There are many ways of making your wedding worth remembering. My idea of a wedding is something like this: 1) Select your partner who suits you and your family 2) Shop for your fiancee and let your fiancee shop for you 3) Shop for your parents and other family members 4) Arrange for the necessary rituals by consulting the elders 5) Marry in a temple or holy place with family and some close friends as guests 6) Get your marriage registered 7) Upload a video of your marriage on facebook 🙂 8) Enjoy a honeymoon in an exotic place.

If you are not satisfied spending money after doing all the above, then channel that money to help the needy whose blessings shall remain with you.


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