Hats off to Bofors

There is something special about 2010-11 that we wake up everyday and see a new scam. It seems that the astrologers and the tantriks who are special consultants to our politicians are not doing enough :). A hen was being sacrificed in front of Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore but it is difficult to ascertain if this act was done by the ruling party to continue in power or the opposition party who wanted to root out the ruling party. May be, a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) investigation will reveal the facts.

Here is our infamous CBI  which since time immemorial has been charged of being controlled by the ruling party in the Centre. The crowning success of this bureau is the bofors case. This case is just 25 years young The CBI spent 250 crore rupees, four times more than the 64 crore, that Quatrocchi is said to have received as kickbacks. Isn’t this a travesty of justice? People will not have faith in the investigative agencies if the officers manning these posts do not follow ethical principles in their profession. Moreover, the agency or the officers alone are not to be blamed. Read my article on ‘Ills of being morally right‘.  It is a systemic failure and something needs to be done quickly to make CBI, an autonomous organization on the lines of UPSC. It can also be made an attached office of the Lokpal.

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