Celebrities and Politics

Politics consists of social relations involving authority or power and refers to the regulation of public affairs within a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy. How do people get into running the affairs of the state in a democracy? Adult franchise is the popular means of electing governments in a democracy and people are enticed to vote for particular candidates in the elections that are conducted regularly.

The question that is worth analyzing is “What is the right and ethical means for entering into politics?” and “Why is this means right and ethical?” The following categories are distinct if we try to categorize the various ways in which one can enter politics. Dynastic means which is close to the exercise of charismatic authority for entry into politics. Rajiv Gandhi’s son, Sangma’s daughter, Mulayam’s son, etc are some examples. Glamour means where people use their popularity gained in some other field to entice voters. The film stars, sports persons and all other celebrities (excluding political celebrities :)) come under this category. Right means where people involve themselves in public service and entry into politics is just a consequence. Jayaprakash Narayan and the likes come under this category.  If you were to arrange these three means in order of ease, then dynastic means would be easier than glamour means which is easier than the right means.

The irony is that the opposite order is true in terms of righteousness. This is a somewhat common trend in our society today that the right means is always the most tedious. Thus, you have very few good people who want to enter politics. There are many who have come to believe that politics is a filthy profession. And, this belief has been reinforced by many events that we see in our daily life.

Education is the solution to the discrepancies described above. Education brings awareness in the voters which prevents them from being carried away by frivolous reasons. Public service should be the only criteria for entry into politics. This is perhaps the reason for Chiranjeevi’s party not gaining the expected popularity. The crowds that he attracted in his campaigns and the votes that his party candidates procured do not match. This is the power of an informed populace.



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