The act of accepting favours

All of us accept favours and at some point of time also favour others. Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation when favouring someone comes in conflict with your ideals or values? The frequency of such situations depend on the power and authority that you enjoy. Accepting favours is in itself not an undesirable act but the context in which the favour is accepted matters a lot.

I have witnessed an accreditation team which was supposed to inspect a college being hosted in a three star hotel (which is to some extent fine), provided with gifts (which is not fine) and to top it all treated with a trip to Goa (vow what a wonderful life :)). You may wonder how these institutes manage to account for such expenditure. It is simple. Such extravagant expenditure would appear under the head “Hospitality”. And mind it, these teams and the institutes that are inspected are made up of ‘highly’ educated people. This is just one example to demonstrate that education and values are not correlated.

I am observing this phenomenon since my childhood. Whenever, the block education officer (BEO) used to inspect the school, a lunch in his honour was held and he was also provided with gifts. In a Government school, the teachers contribute for the gifts to be gifted to the BEO. I have myself experienced such a situation when I was supposed to select a canteen manager from a list. We decided to inspect the canteens already operated by such people. In the process, we were provided with different snacks to taste but that was my first and last experience.

The problem also lies in the fact that these favours are forced upon you many a times in the guise of hospitality. But a smart person should know to say ‘NO’ to such hospitality whose main intention is to bias the decisions.


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