Krishna Krishna Bala

In the history of Independent India, none have cast aspersions on the Chief Justice of India but the developments occurring today signal that such a day is not too far. A former Chief Justice of India has set very wrong precedents by his misdeeds (which have to be proved) or his inaction. By inaction, I am pointing to the case of A. Raja trying to influence a judge. Read more about this here. By misdeeds, I am pointing to the case of his kin amassing wealth disproportionate to their sources of income. Read about this here. In any case, there is no smoke without fire.

The following lines from another former chief justice of India, Justice Verma touched me and hence I am reproducing them here:

“He [Balakrishnan] continues to be NHRC Chairman. His words hold no credibility. Corruption is the most egregious form of human rights violation. And a person accused of serious human rights violation heading the NHRC itself is a great travesty of justice.”

“I think judges should be answerable and accountable to a yardstick, at least as strict and preferably stricter than the one that applies to others when they judge others.”

We should introspect and fill the lacunae in the existing system. It also means that we should revisit the theory of “Contempt of Court” and the immunity enjoyed by people manning the apex of the systems (Judicial system in this case). The immunity has to be made conditional and in cases where the integrity of an individual is in question, an autonomous investigative agency of the Central Government should have the powers to investigate and take necessary action irrespective of the status of the person in question. This is what many of the great souls are demanding since decades – The lokpal. We badly require this institution and the Central Government cannot evade the citizens of India for long by not creating this institution.

NHRC – National Human Rights Commission

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