Breaking news – Latest trend of politicians

Do you want to know what is the latest passion of our politicians and their sons (from various wives :)). It is buying or setting up news or television channels. Suvarna, Janashree, Samaya, Jaya, Kalaignar, etc are some of the names of these television channels. I also liked a statement made on a blog which read “Ordinary mortals buy roses for their beau on Valentine’s Day. Sons of the soil buy TV news channels“. You can find out more about this great person yourself. This is a kind of daylight robbery and something has to be done to curb such illegitimate acts by these illegitimate sons of the soil. An old man in Tamil nadu had a much smarter plan. Set up a governmental scheme to provide colour television sets to poor people so that they can watch Kalaignar TV.

The Election Commission of India should take cognizance of this and make rules that prohibit direct or indirect ownership of media houses by prospective political leaders. This is important because television is an important means of communication and fabricated communication will lead to wrong perception about leaders leading to wrong selection of representatives ultimately leading to failure of democracy. If Election Commission of India for various reasons is not able to make such a rule, then something has to be done to regulate the news agencies.  Such a regulator should have many non governmental representatives. Setting up of such a regulator should not be considered as curbing of freedom of the press by the responsible media houses.

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