Forms of protest

Have you ever seen the proceedings of Lok Sabha? Live proceedings can be watched online. I expected to learn a lot about the parliamentary proceedings by watching this television and the feelings are mixed. Sometimes, I have seen very good discussions in the Lok Sabha. I have also seen good questions being asked in the question hour which is a tool in parliamentary democracy to keep the executive under check. I have also seen some unruly scenes created by the members of the parliament and members of the state legislature to protest some policy of the government. These scenes like throwing of the mikes, tearing sheets of paper, tearing ones shirt, etc show the parliament or the legislature in a poor light and as such have to be discouraged.

Other form of protest that I have detested is the one in which people carry the dead body and use it to block the road or to sit in front of the office of some government representative. It is an insult to the person who is dead and also shows some element of barbarianism in the twenty first century. We should look for peaceful and other means of protest to make our point. At this juncture, I remember Jadoo ki Chappi 🙂

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