Development versus environment protection

There is no dearth of contradictory phrases in our human world. I thought of analyzing one such contradictory pair of phrase in this article. Most of you might have heard people saying that we should not pursue development at the expense of environment or some similar statement. Do they really understand what they say? Human being’s survival is closely related to environment and everything that a human being does to ensure his survival is bound to be against the environment. Artificial cloud seeding, use of pesticides, construction of dams, establishment of industries, etc are some examples of human interference with environment. In a lighter vein, we are not only interfering with our environment on earth but also planning to interfere with the outer atmosphere (Mars).

So, you are wrong if you support the statement that development has to be pursued without disturbing the environment.  The only thing that can be debated is the amount of this interference. Also, it is necessary to develop methods so that the environment can rejuvenate. Afforestation schemes, water harvesting, etc belong to this genre of methods.

Should we accept the statement that we should not pursue development at the expense of environment, the the best solution would be to go back in time. Imagine yourself living in a cave using some fig leaves to cover your body eating raw vegetables and flesh……….. That would be survival with minimum amount of interference with the environment. It is hard to imagine such a thing. So, the next time you have any complaints about development projects, think twice before reaching a conclusion.

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