India chaka chak

Before you speculate, let me tell you that I am influenced by the trailer of the movie ‘Mumbai chaka chak’ in titling this article. The difference is that the movie is about getting Mumbai rid of plastic where as this article is about getting India rid of all kinds of evils towards an ideal society. I am particularly emphasizing the role of good governance in providing standard services to the citizens. This is of course the reason for the existence of the state; the welfare of the people.

I feel very happy when I read something like “Delhi airport to be 20 minutes from Connaught Place“. This is the kind of influence that good governance and world class public service can make on citizens. The Government today is effecting a person from ‘womb to tomb’ (birth to death) in some or the other way and improvement in the government services will benefit a larger section of the society.

Imagine a India which will have government schools that would compete with private international schools, have government hospitals that would have state of the art medical facilities, have city transport that will envy the London tube and Newyork metro, have an internet based voting system, have clean footpaths, have roads that can be crossed by pedestrians, have parks where people can refresh themselves, have drinking water through out the day and the list continues. In fact, there is no end for such imagination. This is not to say that these imaginations would never turn a reality. A day would come when these will be realized in India.

Another important thing that I thought worth writing after seeing the trailer of this movie is about the status of some people who are involved in ‘menial’ jobs. Menial jobs which you and I would never like to do. Since time immemorial, such people have been ostracized from the society. Sweepers or Bhangis, butchers, persons serving in the crematorium, etc belong to such a category and they were placed below the Shudras in the varna system. Imagine what would happen if the sewage of your city was not cleaned for months. Epidemic diseases would effect people and all the economic activities would come to a standstill. Thus, it is necessary to value the work done by these people and something concrete needs to be done towards their social mobility. Use of technology, modern gear, use of gloves, etc also should be explored because people doing these ‘menial’ jobs are also human beings.

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