Human greed

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed said Mahatma Gandhiji decades ago which holds true even today. Capitalism as practiced in India today ignores a lot of ethical and human principles. The state has also become a silent spectator reinforcing the Marxian ideology that all states exist to further the interests of the ‘exploitative’  capitalists. There is truth in Marx’s words.

Have you ever observed a construction site carefully? Some of these sites are of projects whose monetary value runs into billions of rupees. The construction labourers on these project sites work in inhumane conditions without the necessary safety equipment thus risking their lives for a paltry sum. Children of these labourers also spend all their time on such project sites which provides them the initial socialization while the ‘capitalist’ children are educated in international schools learning swimming, horse riding and what not. Leave apart the capitalist’s children, I have also seen a capitalist who brings his two dogs to the construction site in his car and both of these dogs are groomed in different dresses every day. Pardon me. My objective is not to lower the status of a dog :). I am bringing in this comparison just to describe the relative deprivation of the working class ‘proleteriat’.

Instead of waiting for the day when the proleteriat will struggle their way to bring down capitalism and its classes, it would be in the interests of the capitalists and the state to ensure appropriate living conditions to the working class. It is the efforts of this working class which brings profits and capitalists should not mind providing the workers and their children a human environment. Such an environment should take care of basic living conditions, education, health, etc and this would happen with a dent in the profit margins of the capitalist class. Instead of driving a Mercedes-E class, you will have to satisfy yourself with a Mercedes-C class :). The state should also legislate to introduce effective mechanisms for redistribution of wealth. Taxation is not the only means for such redistribution and there can be introduction of creative schemes to prescribe and monitor workplace conditions (particularly in the unorganized sector).

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